How to Identify Quality New Home Construction

When looking at a new home, it is easy to be swept away as you envision how it will look with your furniture and cherished possessions inside. But taking a closer look to see if it is built with quality construction will pay off in the long run, making it possible for your home to look like new for years to come. Read on to learn about some of the most important items to look for.


Surface Beauty

One of the first things you notice in a home are the surfaces—and they are used daily. Here are some materials that will stand the test of time.

  • Granite & quartz countertops in kitchen and all baths (vs. laminate)
  • Ceramic/porcelain tile bathrooms floors (vs. vinyl)
  • Laminate flooring at least 12mm thickness


Winning Finish

While you may not live in your linen closet or garage, one sure sign of quality construction is when these spaces are finished.

  • Closet and/or pantry interiors
  • Garage interiors (insulated, drywalled, taped & mudded)
  • Clean seams/edges on exterior siding – no gaps or staggered cuts
  • Finished pine soffits on front and back patio


Details Matter

Many details in a house are classed as “millwork” which means pretty much anything made in a mill. These are important features that include base trim, crown molding, interior doors, door frames, window casings, chair rails and wood paneling. Especially look at the quality of these following items.

  • Quality interior doors—while most are hollow-core, there is a quality and there is a cheap kind that looks and feels like cardboard
  • Cleanly caulked edges on tub/shower/tilework/trim
  • Quality plumbing fixtures


Inside and Outside

Windows and doors are one of the very few items that you will see from both outside your home and from within. Make the investment in quality and you’ll avoid leaks and save energy.

  • Fully wrapped (trimmed) windows and doors with painted MDF trim
  • Solid core exterior doors
  • Dual-glazed windows


Guaranteed Quality

Most builders will offer a craftsmanship warranty, typically for one year. But your builder should go above and beyond that.

  • Ask about a mechanical and systems warranty plus a structural warranty
  • A quality builder stands behind their work and should offer comprehensive coverage


At Alderbrook Properties, we are dedicated to building quality homes that last.  We provide a standard 1-year builder warranty, plus a 2-year system and 10-year structural warranty.


We would love to help you find your dream home! Contact us at 360-898-0055 or [email protected] to learn more.