So Many Reasons!

There are so many reasons why we love the Alderbrook community! The scenery is breathtaking. From the beautiful Hood Canal to the majestic Olympic National Forest, there’s something for everyone.

This area is also home to our neighbor and world-class, luxury getaway: Alderbrook Resort & Spa! Situated on Hood Canal, the Resort provides stunning views of the water and also has a network of hiking trails where you can enjoy nature firsthand.

“Our beautiful resort is a wonderful place to vacation and can offer so much for those who are local as well,” points out General Manager, Shaun Tucker. “It’s the perfect place for visiting family and friends to stay. Our dining options are stellar with activities, including spa services, for both visitors and locals.”

Did You Know…

Many of the activities at Alderbrook Resort & Spa are available to residents? Also, the Mason County Locals Program for residents entitles you to a 20% discount at the Restaurant, Lounge, Patio, Waterfront Center, and Spa Services. Just make sure you check with the resort to get the latest details on availability.

You can learn more about the fun activities offered by the Alderbrook Resort & Spa on their website. Many are available for non-hotel guests, and you can often register and pay directly on the resort’s site.

Here’s a quick sample:
Full Moon, Aqua and All Levels Yoga
Happy Hour Monday through Friday at The Lounge with live music every Friday evening and of course, delicious dining any time!
• Cruises — don’t miss the Santa Cocoa Cruise on Saturday and Sundays December 8-22!
Spa Services

Union City Market

Alderbrook Resort & Spa recently renovated the Union City Market, a historic shopping and event venue inside a working marina. Located two miles from the resort, by water or road, visitors can purchase local art, gifts, and Hood Canal merch. The public dining venue, Hook & Fork, offers a rotating menu featuring seasonally available ingredients on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year. On the third Thursday of each month, limited tickets are available for a Canal Cookout dining experience.

But wait…there’s S’more!

Year-round, you can purchase a S’mores kit and roast marshmallows in one of the fire pits. Right now, there’s nothing like drinking in a beautiful water view while enjoying the crisp fall air in front of a fire. Remember to stay focused and make sure you hang on to that marshmallow!

But don’t just take our word for it. Head over to Alderbrook Resort & Spa and experience the beauty and luxurious comfort of this local gem!

Hood Canal Events



The Hood Canal Region is filled with recreational activities all year round. Whether you come to Hood Canal for a special event, to revel in nature or to be pampered and relaxed, the options abound. Sometimes there are so many opportunities and activities it’s hard to plan and decide. If you’re looking for an adventure low key or exciting, but the options are just too overwhelming, never fear. Local entrepreneurs, Kerry London Myers and Jeff Nunnemaker, have created an amazing company that focuses on event planning specific to our region. Whether you are interested in a small, intimate kayaking tour, a corporate event or even attending one of their large scale events like the Traveler 5K Run/Walk, Kerry and Jeff have something great planned for you.

The core services they offer include: Core Services – Event Consultation, Local Personal Concierge Desk, Private/Corporate Event and Tour Planning, Lodging and Accommodations, Transportation, Outdoor Recreation & Activities, Exclusive Venues, Dining and Catering.
Their special event services include: Special Event Services – 5k/10k, Half/Full Marathon, Pace/Peddle/Paddle Triathlon, Polar Plunge, Overnight Hiking and Camping Expeditions, Rafting, Fishing, Winery and Brewery Tours, Golf Tournaments, Foraging and Survival Expeditions.

Their expertise and dedication have given them exclusive access to caterers, venues, accommodations and even transportation. The Hood Canal Events team can take on just about any request and challenge and create an unforgettable experience.  I had the pleasure to attend their Traveler 5K Run/Walk and it was a top notch event.  But see for yourself – below are just a few examples of experiences they offer.

The Pack & Go – HCE will plan a customized Hood Canal experience based around your budget and interests. All you have to do is simply respond with your answers to the bulleted items below. We’ll take care of your travel and accommodation arrangements – all while keeping your destination experience a surprise.


Mini Traveler Day Camp – “#OptOutside” It is our goal to enforce environmentally responsible behaviors in our youth that derives directly from participating in such ‘wild nature activities’ as playing independently in the woods, hiking, kayaking, and exploring at an early age. Mini Traveler Camp is committed to getting kids to #OptOutside enjoying the Hood Canal on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, please join us!

The Ridge Motorsports Park GoKarts – Olympic Grand Prix Package Includes

  • Roundtrip Transportation on the HCE Bus
  • Locally Prepared Lunch for your experience
  • Safety and Race Training prior to race
  • Safety Helmets for your race
  • Three 12-Minute Races per participant
  • Beer/Wine/Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Bottle of Champagne for the victor!


Festivals & Festivities

Pretty much year round there is bound to be some sort of annual celebration or festival from the Olympic Peninsula area to the Kitsap Peninsula area.  And this list doesn’t even include the heavy hitters in Pierce, King and surrounding counties like the Washington State Fair or Bumbershoot!  So here is a month by month list of the different festivities happening in our “neck of the woods” January through December.  Be sure to check websites for dates, admission fees, etc.  If you see one we’ve missed, be sure to let us know and we’ll add it on the list!













Arts in the Area

Whether you’re a casual observer, enthusiast, collector or ready to learn a new craft, our part of the state has numerous options to choose from.  Learn to paint here in Union with resident artist Robert Kamin.  Shoot down to Allyn and take some classes on chainsaw carving at George Kenny’s School of Chainsaw Carving.  Have an affinity for glass blowing? Head over to Shelton to Franz Art Glass & Supply.  If you’d like to check out, maybe even purchase some local art take a short trip down the road to Candy’s Wall of Fame.

Ready for a more urban art scene, Olympia is only about 40 minutes from Union and has a thriving arts culture.  We’ve compiled a list of some galleries and shops to check out in our state capitol.


Olympia Framemakers has also compiled a list of local individual artists & their websites worth checking out.  Some highlights include:  Shelley Carr does fantastic pieces out of copper, Chris Maynard makes incredibly detailed pieces out of feathers (a must see!), Lisa Kattenbraker creates unique contemporary art batik, Mark Kirkpatrick paints amazing watercolors of local beauty, Nikki McClure constructs incredibly detailed and beautiful paper cuts, Christine Malek among other things sews adorable plush and Jude Fritts carves stunning sculptures out of wood.  Just in our area there is so much incredible talent and variety of art, regardless of your taste, it would be impossible not to find something to love.

6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

On February 7, 2015 the Hood Canal Lions Club Presents: Mason County Emergency Services 6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge.  Every February for the last five years, members of our local emergency services have braved the plunge into the frigid winter waters of Hood Canal.  Why subject themselves to such a task?  Participants in the Polar Bear Plunge seek sponsorship to raise money to support emergency service organizations.  Each year a different organization is chosen to receive the event proceeds.  This community event is supported and sponsored by many local businesses and residents recognizing the importance of giving back to our emergency service providers.  Any member of the community that is interested in raising funds may enter to participate with a $25 sponsorship minimum.  Whether you’re a participant or a bystander, this event promises to be fun and entertaining for everyone.  There will be music, food, face painting and a raffle.  Find someone to sponsor or even participate yourself!  Support your local emergency service providers; they are dedicated work hard for the community.

For a list of past recipients, entry rules & registration or for more general information, please visit the website or contact Don Minor, Event Chair: (360) 898-4444.

Hood Canal Lions Club Presents:

Mason County Emergency Services

6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

When: Saturday, February 7, 2015

What time: 11am to 2pm

Where: Alderbrook Resort and Lodge Union, WA

Proceeds Benefit: Mason County Emergency Services


Local and Near-by Services & Amenities

When living in small community, often a concern is access to the services and amenities that we use in our daily lives.  But not to worry, we’ve pulled together an overview of the basics and where they are located.  Alderbrook does have many services located right here in Union.  And for those other needs we are close to towns and urban centers that provide additional options and opportunities when needed:


Emergency Services- 911


  • Texaco 1031 E McReavey Rd Union, WA 98592 1.9 miles 6 min

Post office

  • 310 E Dalby Rd, Union 1.3 miles 5 min




Local Dining/Bars


  • Safeway 600 W Franklin St, Shelton, WA 98584 11.5 miles 19 min
  • Wal-mart  100 E Wallace Kneeland Blvd, Shelton, WA 98584 10.2 miles 15 min
  • Fred Meyer  301 E Wallace Kneeland Blvd, Shelton, WA 98584 10.2 miles 15 min
  • Union Country Store 1031 E McReavy Rd, Union, WA 98592 1.9 miles or 6 min


Boat Launch and/or Public beach access

Printing & Shipping needs

Interior Design

  • Zech Interiors NE 11 Old Belfair Hwy Suite B Belfair (360) 552-2733  16 miles  25 min.


What’s it like living in a small town you may ask?  As I’ve mentioned before, I moved out here from the east coast, Philadelphia to be more precise.  I’d spent many summer trips here in the past, but this move is my first experience living out here full time as an adult.  I knew I’d be more than happy to leave behind the traffic and smog ridden roads, filled with litter, blaring horns, sirens and risky drivers.  But what about all of those other things I’d miss?  Corner convenience stores, restaurant take-out, Grub Hub deliveries, near-by concerts, museums and festivals?  How would I live without these amenities?!?  As it turns out the answer is, quite spectacularly!  I live in a place where, as Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks said best, “a yellow light still means slow down, not speed up.”

Every day on my way into the office, I pass a man taking a walk along Hood Canal and he takes the time to wave at each driver that passes.  I saw a woman watering her plants the other day, dancing while she watered.  I see people on epic cycling rides, people gearing up for great camping adventures, kayakers, sea planes coming in for a landing, seals and herons fishing, mountains, water and of course majestic evergreen trees.  There is fresh air, beauty and friendly faces surrounding us here in Union.  There is also quiet, solitude and peace.  There is a feeling of community here, a neighborly embrace.  Members of the community stop by for social calls, just for a friendly hello, a quick chat to see how the day is going.  And people here are sincere.  When someone asks you how you’re doing, they genuinely want to know!  My east coast brain was so geared toward the brief, “Fine, how are you?” reply, that I was taken aback to have people further inquire after that.  “What are your plans for the weekend?”  “How have you been enjoying your week?”  In Philadelphia, people often don’t make eye contact with each other, even when it is warranted.  And the longer I’ve been here I’ve realized that I don’t need to be able to walk to a corner store or order food delivery to be happy, I need this life.  A life where strangers wave and smile in passing, a life where there are community get-togethers, like a salmon dinner at the fire hall.  A life where you can go down to the resort and take a ukelele class or a mycological class for a mere $10!  And of course, there are places to go for dinner & drinks, take out, wine tasting, open mic night, spa treatments and all of the things that make life great,and it is all here, in this place of boundless beauty and lively personalities.

I cannot even count the number of times I’ve had the big city life at my finger tips and chose to stay home.  I didn’t want to be bothered with traffic, parking and long lines.  I have seen more amazing things and gone on more epic adventures since I moved here than I ever did in the big city.  And while we may be off the beaten path, the road less traveled, we are right in the middle of everything.  Nature, history, exotic dining, explorations, you name it and you can most definitely get there from here.  And I intend to show you how.

Until next time!