Where in the heck is Allyn, Washington?!  This is a common question and if you don’t know the answer, you should definitely find out.  Allyn is located in Mason County, right on Case Inlet.  With beautiful views of Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier, this little town sure packs a lot of punch!  As a matter of fact, Allyn and all of it’s delightful amenities, was featured on Evening Magazine as a must-see place to visit!  Stand up paddle board rentals, geoduck ice cream and chainsaw carving art are included in some of the main attractions.

Annually Allyn hosts a festival every third weekend in July – Allyn Days Salmon Fest & Geoduck Festival.  The festival always draws large crowds rain or shine.  The celebration really focuses on the best of the Pacific Northwest – seafood!  There is a whole variety of fun and entertainment for all ages from open mic night, to a mud run, to a whole host of food and wares vendors.  Have some baked salmon, touch a live geoduck and best of all, support small & local businesses through this fun and unique festival.