Finnriver Farm & Cidery

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The Finnriver Farm & Cidery is an 80 acre family farm & orchard in Chimacum, WA.  They are located in a rural farm community about an hour and a half from the Alderbrook Community.  The drive is beautiful and scenic, mostly along Hood Canal on Rt 101.  Be sure to get directions from their website.  The final turn on to Barn Swallow Rd is easy to miss if you’re not ready.  There is a long, windy, bumpy road that will lead you to the farm.  Be aware, the road travels through and past other private farmlands & neighbors.  Be respectful, drive slowly and enjoy all of the cautionary rhyming signs traveling through.  The farm landscape is beautiful, but private.  One can only assume from the number of clever signs, the neighbors often find people trespassing on their properties, hopefully by mistake.  At the end of the road, park and follow the path around to the right which is where the entrance is to the tasting room.


The tasting room is open daily from noon-5pm.  Inside the building, the room is small or shallow with a long counter.  The room is deliciously fragrant.  There are not just ciders and fruit wines, but also soaps, lotions and other odds & ends.  The tasting is a $5 fee which is a bargain for the service, education and history you’ll receive.  We were treated to 6 ciders and 2 fruit wine samples including how each was made, where the different ingredients came from and some of the science behind production.  As she poured our samples, our server told us farm anecdotes, personal thoughts & favorites and some great history of the Finnriver Farm.  And if that was not fantastic enough, we were also permitted to taste other ciders that had not been a part of the tasting in order to finalize our selections for purchase.  It was tough to decide, there were so many amazing flavors including a seasonal selection.  After selecting 5 different bottles within my group, we added some other items as well including a Finnriver Farm & Cidery sticker for the bargain deal of 50 cents!  They accept cash & credit, wrap your purchases in tissue paper and put them in handled paper bags decorated with a stamp of apples.  They then invite you to wander around and check out the rest of the farm, there are even some trails to walk.  Our visit to Finnriver was perfect, 5 stars.