At Alderbrook Properties, we welcome real estate agents and look forward to working with you!

We believe in the three Cs: cooperation, collaboration, and communication.

Here is how we put this into practice:


Our goal is to work with you to provide the best possible experience for your client.

  • We arrange home tours through our sales office. A member of our sales team will be happy to give access to available homes and job sites to you and/or your clients to tour. We do not use lockboxes, so agents cannot let themselves in.
  • If you are unable to attend a home tour with your clients, we pre-register you as their agent, and if they purchase an ABP home, you will still receive credit as the selling agent.
  • Just provide us with your name, selling firm name, MLS office number/MLS lag number to our sales staff for inclusion on PSA at the time of offer.


We want to work together with you to help create a new vision – your client finding their dream home!

  • You can find our available home options (both move-in ready and pre-sale) on our website’s listings page and the Zillow Builder’s profile for Alderbrook Golf Club.
  • OR you can contact our sales office anytime for an up to date listing sheet and corresponding lot map: [email protected], (360) 898 0055 Ext. 1 as our listings are not on the MLS.
  • We do not work with a preferred lender but would be happy to make lender recommendations and introductions.


Communicating expectations makes for a productive relationship. Here are the guidelines we follow:

  • A 5% earnest money payment is required from the buyer to reserve any option.
  • We offer a 2.5% commission of sales price [not including additional upgrades added after signing] disbursed at completion/closing.
  • Alderbrook Properties exclusively uses our Purchase & Sale Agreement. The buyer’s agent may add Addendums for consideration. All offers are subject to owner review and approval.